Executive Enterprise Helps You Land Your Dream Job

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Executive Enterprise Helps You Land Your Dream Job

You have probably received plenty of advice on how to secure the job of your dreams. Here at Executive Enterprise, we are not interested in rehashing the same old tips for landing a great gig, so we would like to offer you a few unorthodox strategies that will push you ahead of the competition.

First, create a virtual résumé which will make you stand out. Potential employers will assume that your résumé is available in a Word document or on LinkedIn. Instead, buy your own internet domain for your CV, portfolio, or blog, which will be a game changer.

Take the time to have a nice headshot done for use as your LinkedIn profile picture or on your own website. We at Executive Enterprise recommend that you be creative, since the staid professional background is becoming a thing of the past. Use a natural setting or a city skyline as the backdrop for your sleek portrait.

Putting your name in the form of a corporate logo is another way to set yourself apart from other jobseekers. It’s a great way to brand yourself and make a positive impression on a hiring manager, and you can do it cheaply through Photoshop or InDesign. If you don’t feel comfortable creating it yourself, feel free to enlist an artistic friend or a freelance designer.

These outside-the-box approaches can help you get the job you’ve always wanted, which is why we at Executive Enterprise encourage you to give them a try.

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