Executive Enterprise on How to Give Associates Purpose

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Executive Enterprise on How to Give Associates Purpose

More than salaries or benefits, if you truly want to motivate and inspire your team members, you must give them a sense of purpose. People respond appropriately when they have a reason to do so. Therefore, our managers at Executive Enterprise recommend the following tips for adding purpose to your team’s agenda:

• Share the Big Picture: When your team is unaware of the overall company goals and the roles they play in helping to attain them, it’s much more difficult for them to comprehend the purpose of their work. It’s like suggesting that a surgeon operate in the dark. Our team at Executive Enterprise advocates for clearly and concisely sharing the company’s vision, mission, and goals, along with frequent updates. Tie performance ratings or bonuses to these goals for additional buy-in.

• Let Them Interview New Team Members: While you might have final say in new hire selections, your team’s input is vital to identifying new associates who will work successfully with the current group. Our Executive Enterprise pros suggest that they will appreciate the responsibility to carefully choose new coworkers.

• Let Them Try Something New: Rather than controlling the process, give them ownership of improving themselves.

By instilling a sense of purpose in your team members, you’ll find they are more productive and deliver better results. Use these helpful tips to inform and empower them.

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