Executive Enterprise Shares Advice From Female Founders

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Executive Enterprise Shares Advice From Female Founders

Earlier this year, start-up funding group Y Combinator hosted the second Female Founders Conference. We at Executive Enterprise were inspired by the insights on offer during the event. Therefore, we would like to highlight some of our favorite pieces of advice from the people who attended.

Olga Vidisheva, founder and CEO of an e-commerce site called Shoptiques, told potential founders that if they don’t believe in their idea from the beginning, they should find another one. She also urged aspiring entrepreneurs to be honest with themselves about how much time they will need to devote to their start-ups. As we at Executive Enterprise can attest, it is a 24/7 job.

Kimberly Bryant, who founded the programming initiative Black Girls Code, encouraged young founders to envision a successful future while having a reckless disregard for what’s impossible. She also believed that building a great team should be the primary focus of every new entrepreneur. Bryant stated that women shouldn’t be afraid to take a stand for the values they hold dear.

Watsi is an innovative crowdfunding site that funds medical treatments all across the globe. Its founder, Grace Garey, encouraged attendees to find something that is meaningful to them and to pursue it with total commitment. She believes that we are a small part of a large world, and that there are plenty of real problems that need solutions.

Our team at Executive Enterprise hopes you find these women’s insights to be as valuable as we do.

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