Executive Enterprise’s Interpretation on What Success Is

Executive Enterprise’s Interpretation on What Success Is

Executive Enterprise’s Senior Manager and Human Resources Manager speak upon what success means to them.

Success is an achievement that is measured, by individuals to represent a point in their lives where they’ve reached happiness and comfortability physically, mentally and financially. Depending on their interpretation, it signifies a major achievement that was conquered. The difference between the senior manager and human resources manager’s view on what success means to them is due to their explanation on how success is not an achievement to conquer, but rather a vision to constantly strive for. “Success for us is a vision that is never ending and will never be achieved. It is a vision that motivates Jaclyn and myself to strive for more and most importantly, to never stop striving towards,” said Vanessa Vargas, human resources manager.

Upon every achievement completed, the Executive Enterprise team works harder and challenges themselves to do greater things. “Regardless of our achievements, we strongly believe in never settling. The more we accomplish, the harder we work. The more we achieve, the more opportunities we see and the more doors we open and walk through,” said Jaclyn Zepernick, Senior Manager.

The Executive Enterprise team is driven by individuals who feel the same way. They believe in never putting a limit on success and always striving for more regardless of where they are in life. Their team strives to challenge themselves every day and always search for more opportunities.

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