Executive Enterprise serves a variety of clients that have a wide range of products and services. In the New York area, we are pioneering the roll out of new fiber-optics technologies and we are empowering the community with the benefits of the telecommunications technology of today.

What is Fiber-Optic Technology?

Fiber-optic technology uses glass or plastic threads (“fibers”) to transmit data, especially in regards to online usage. Fiber-optic cables are able to carry more data as they have greater bandwidth than regular metal cables. The cables also provide more reliable service and faster connection to the Internet.

How is Executive Enterprise accelerating the fiber-optic movement?

We bring our clients’ fiber-optics solutions directly to customers’ doorsteps. All fiber-optics customers will be connected to a reliable communications infrastructure with Internet speeds and dependability that traditional cable cannot compete with. Our client delivers mbps speeds that surpass the competitors while providing a platform to transfer data for Internet, TV, and Digital Voice.

How is Executive Enterprise involved?

We are a premium distributor for fiber-optics solutions in the New York area. We communicate with potential telecommunications customers on behalf of our clients and educate them on the incredible speeds and durability of fiber-optics while showing them the other benefits of the technology.

What does this mean for our team?

We have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this exciting movement by representing fiber-optics to interested customers. Our consultants have the chance to become experts in this accelerating technology industry, allowing for growth and professional development.


Once you join the team at Executive Enterprise, you hit the ground running. We provide you with the necessary training, education, and tools to grow into an expert in advanced telecommunications, helping build this new division. By joining the team early on, you will be paired with a mentor that will work with you as you progress towards more responsibilities.

Grow with the Team

Executive Enterprise is dedicated to providing our team with the foundational tools to grow. We are committed to providing everyone with the technical education and skill sets to achieve their professional goals. We provide opportunities to travel and learn about this exciting industry in regional retreats and functions. Executive Enterprise is committed to remaining connected to industry innovations and will continue to add new training and educational seminars to our benefits package. We are looking for people who are willing to travel on a quarterly basis.

Where Are We Growing

The Executive Enterprise team is expanding through the New York area. Our outreach program will connect our clients with customers from the entire New York region, and we are in the process of opening a satellite location outside of Long Island, NY to facilitate this program at a higher level. We are looking for creative, motivated people to fill positions at both of our current locations.

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